About Us

Teqto is a dynamic Responsive Web designing and Mobile Application firm that continues to set trends that allow our clients to stand apart in a cluttered media landscape. Servicing local and international clientele from diverse industries whose projects vary in size and scope, our talented team of designers and engineers maintains a close relationship with each client. Passion, innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned Teqto client loyalty and a position as a leading player in the industry.

Located in the heart of Calicut, our team thrives on developing creative, custom designs that give our clients a competitive edge. Teqto’s forward thinking ethos blended with a commitment to professionalism ensures that we deliver quality design solutions cost-effectively and on schedule. Our dedicated design and development team is working at Kozhikode, Bangalore and Technical support team is available in 24/7.

Valuing effective two-way communication throughout the design process, our team of graphic designers, software specialists and marketing experts work with you to realize your vision. Teqto has its finger on the pulse of cutting edge technological advancements in the design world, enhancing our ability to push the boundaries. Understanding that “average” and “safe” are not words in our vocabulary, clients trust that we deliver innovative products that separate them from their competitors.